updated at 04:22pm on 27/11/2019

by Sam Norman

Extremely kind GP

I had an appointment with a female Dr today 20.11 it was regarding a mental health concern I had. The doctor was very kind, offered plenty of suggestions and did not rush me. Being someone who struggles to talk about things or ask for help, as well as suffering from white coat syndrome. She was sensitive, compasionate and put me at my ease. She made me feel as if I wasn't a burden. Everyone at the surgery is kind, however, I felt the doctor really did take the time, even when you are all so busy. Thank you so much! I would like my thanks to be passed on to the female GP.

Visited in November 2019, Posted on 20 November 2019

by anon

Doctors do not care

I have been at the surgery for a while now. I am registered with a particular doctor in the surgery, however you are able to see any other doctor in the surgery if you wish. Overall I have never felt supported by my doctor here. My problems I feel, have not been taken seriously. Every time I ask for help, there is a problem and I feel I am denied help and support even though what I am asking for is backed up by letters and information from my consultant. The only reason I do not leave this surgery is because I really like one doctor in this surgery. If this doctor was not here, I would leave immediately. My doctor does not listen, he is not interested at all in my problems and I feel he does not care about me or believe me.

Visited in August 2019, Posted on 12 November 2019